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Inspection rules for roof tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-03
In the past, old houses were almost all sloped roofs, and roof tiles are one of the oldest building materials. They are still widely used in modern times after the precipitation of history, and their technology is becoming more and more mature, and there are more and more types of roof tiles. No longer sticking to clay tiles, such as magnesium tiles, metal tiles, glass tiles, linoleum tiles, etc., these types of tiles are modern mainstream products. Because there are so many types of roof tiles, people pay more attention to its quality when buying tiles. At this time, they will have a subjective consciousness: that is, they think that the materials are different, the quality will be much different, and the service life will be much different. , And even the service life of some materials is not up to the standard. In fact, there are certain rules in the production of roofing tiles, and products are inspected, and only products that meet the standards will be put on the market. Of course, the market is mixed, and some unscrupulous merchants mix some unqualified products into it. Today we are mainly explaining the inspection rules of roof tiles. I hope you can understand it after reading it! 1. Factory inspection: the appearance, weight, allowable deviation of specifications and physical properties of the linoleum tile. 2. Batch grouping rules: 500 bundles of products of the same grade shall be taken as a batch, and products with less than 500 bundles shall also be checked and accepted in accordance with one batch. 3. The sampling and determination rules are as follows: (1) The appearance and size tolerance of roof tiles: any 5 bundles from each batch of products are unpacked, and 2 pieces from each bundle are checked for the appearance and size tolerances, all indicators It is qualified when it meets the requirements. If one of them fails to meet the requirements, another 5 bundles should be taken from the inspected products for re-examination. Take any 2 pieces for each bundle. All of them meet the index requirements and are qualified. If the requirements are still not met, the appearance and specifications of the batch of products will be judged. The allowable size deviation is unqualified. (2) Weight: Weigh 3 bundles of linoleum tiles that have passed the visual inspection. When the average weight of linoleum tiles per square meter reaches the specified index, the weight is qualified; if it is found to be lower than the specified index, it should be included in the batch of products. Take 3 bundles for re-examination. When the target is reached, the weight is also qualified. If it is still not qualified, the weight of the batch of products should be judged as unqualified. (3) Physical properties ①Sampling: Take any two linoleum tiles with acceptable deviations in appearance, weight, and specifications for physical performance test. ②The arithmetic average of the soluble content and tensile test results of each test piece reaches the specified index; heat resistance: all 3 specimens meet the specified index; flexibility: 6 specimens have at least 5 specimens. Reach the specified index; then the item is judged as qualified. ③Judgment: When the inspection results meet the physical performance indicators, the physical properties of the batch of products are judged to be qualified. If any item does not meet the indicator requirements, any 4 pieces of linoleum tiles should be taken from the batch of products for a single re-inspection. When the index requirements are met, the batch of products is judged to be qualified for performance. If it is still unqualified, the physical properties of the batch of products shall be deemed unqualified. (4) General judgment: When the appearance, weight, allowable deviation of specifications and dimensions, and physical properties of the roof tile all reach the corresponding specified grade index, the batch of roof tile products is judged to be the corresponding grade product. Related reading: The firing process and classification label of roof tiles: roof tiles, roof tile construction, roof tile standards, (727)
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