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How to prevent villa roof tiles from fading

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-23
Nowadays, with the continuous development of the construction industry, more and more types of roofing tiles appear on the market, and villa roof tiles are one of them. Because villa roof tiles have many advantages, they are paid attention to by many builders and users. Among them, the most prominent advantage is construction, bright color and long life. The roof tiles of the villas were carefully selected and laid on the roof of their own homes. At first, the colors looked very bright, but after a period of time, the original bright villa tiles gradually faded, which will make the whole roof look. It's bleak and dull, with no sense of beauty at all. If it is only the problem of the fading of the roofing tiles of the villa, maybe everyone can tolerate it, but the performance of the tiles is reduced due to the problem of the fading of the tiles, which eventually brings safety hazards to the roof, which makes us have to pay attention to it. How to prevent villa roofing tiles from fading? Let's discuss it with the editor below! Villa roof tiles produced by regular manufacturers, especially cement tiles, will not fade. The reason why the above situation occurs is because some manufacturers reduce the production process in order to save costs and reduce the production process. After drying and curing, the surface of the tile is directly sprayed with color pigments. This coloring method is called dry coloring. The roof tiles of villas that have been colored by the dry method will look bright in a short period of time, but the durability is not enough. After a long period of wind and sun, the color will be easily faded. Villa roof tiles can be produced in this way to prevent no fading, as follows: 1. In the first step of production, sand, cement, high-quality inorganic pigments and water are fully mixed in a certain proportion to make concrete for the production of cement; 2. Step by step, the concrete is rolled into cement tiles, and the GEP color protection layer is sprayed on the tiles immediately while keeping the cement tiles moist. The villa tiles produced in this way have the same color inside and outside, which can guarantee that they will not fade for decades. The GEP protective layer can effectively prevent the erosion of the natural environment, and can effectively prevent the efflorescence of the tile body. The villa tile cement tile series, as a full-color villa tile, has the same color inside and outside, which can ensure the color lasting and not fading. As an excellent representative of flat villa tiles, cement tiles are thinner, which can challenge the limits of villa tiles and concrete tiles. Therefore, if you want the roof tiles of a villa to withstand wind and rain without fading, it is actually determined by its quality. To maintain the original color of the roof tiles, you can choose technology. Tag: villa roof tile, villa roof tile construction, (747)
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