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How to make the skeleton of the color steel tile roof

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-28
Before, the editor gave a detailed introduction to the commonly used uses and connection methods of color steel tiles. It can be seen that color steel tiles have a wide range of uses, and the production of color steel tile equipment is not only convenient and quick to construct, but also has greatly improved work efficiency. It also has light weight and color. It has many advantages, such as gorgeous and rich, fireproof, rainproof, anti-vibration, long service life, and maintenance-free. In addition, there are three connection methods for this tile, namely welding connection, rivet connection and bolt connection. In the construction process of the color steel tile roof, the skeleton of the roof is the core of the building. Therefore, there are high standards and high requirements for its production method. This article will introduce how to make the roof skeleton of the roofing tiles roof. The relevant construction personnel read carefully and master the methods! 1. The roof starts from the side of the gable and is laid in order from left to right (or the same as right to left). Then after the first board is placed, the alignment line is drawn along the lower edge of the board, and each piece is installed according to the alignment line, and it is checked at any time to prevent deviation. Finally, the laying surface is fixed with self-tapping screws along the center of each plate rib. 2. The lap joints of the edge-finished roof (including the awning) must be fixed with aluminum rivets and waterproof with water-stop glue. Then the flat self-tapping screw heads and aluminum pull nail heads of the roof edge must be prevented with water-stop glue. The final fixing method of the side board construction can be changed according to its on-site measurement, and the drawing after confirmation shall prevail. 3. Fixing method The first fixing seat in the first row is fixed to the leftmost side of the purlin with a self-tapping screw, and then the elastic ink line of the purlin is used as a reference line, and then the fixing seat in the same row is fixed. Then the ribs of the first plate are aligned with the ribs of the fixing seat, press down and click to check whether the buckle is correct. Then buckle the short arm of the fixing seat to the first paved panel female rib, which can be constructed and adjusted according to the aforementioned method. Lay in the above order. When the remaining space in the sky is less than half the width of the board, only the short arm of the fixed seat is used to fix the board, and the rest of the space is flooded. If the last remaining space is greater than half of the board width, fix the board with a fixing seat, and cut off the excess part. I hope that in the subsequent construction process, the construction staff can strictly follow the method mentioned above to make the skeleton of the color steel tile roof. If you encounter any problems during the construction process, you can consult us. Tag: color steel tile, color steel tile production process, (1,017)
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