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How to install roof tiles more durable

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-05
are used to decorate the roofs of various buildings. The houses covered with roof tiles not only look beautiful, but also have seismic and waterproof functions, so they are very popular in the construction industry. However, as the types of tiles in the market are increasing, the selection of roof tiles has become a big problem, and the editor has introduced this issue in detail. So how can roof tiles be installed more durable? Let's discuss it in detail in the following editor! How to install the roof tiles to be more durable: 1. Start from the lower right corner of the eaves and arrange the first tiles from right to left until the first row is covered. Pay attention to the tiles on the left and right ends, which must be kept on the roof corrugated protrusions. Location. Otherwise, the arrangement of tiles needs to be readjusted. 2. When laying the second row of roof tiles, replace the tiles with the first row of roof tiles staggered to make the whole roof stronger and the drainage of rain water more effective. Then use the clip strip to fix the distance every ten tiles from the edge to the ridge, so as to keep the edges of the tiles connected in a straight line. 3. Fixing the tiles: Use 2-inch and a half-long galvanized steel nails or 18 gauge galvanized iron wires to fix the roof tiles on the hanging tile strips according to the slope of the roof. The principle is as follows: ①The roof slope is less than 35 degrees and fixed in two rows. One row; ②The roof slope is 35°-45°, and one row is fixed; ③The roof slope is above 45°, and each row must be fixed; ④Eaves treatment: all the holes in the eaves must be made of cement paste, wood board or Decorations, and some vents are opened to let the moisture accumulated under the tiles drain and volatilize. If there is a drainage ditch or eaves, the roof tile heads extending from the eaves is generally 50-70mm. Nowadays, there are no new roofing tiles. We can only say that we have not learned about it. At present, there are many types of tiles in our country. To give a few simple examples, they are as follows: 1. Factory roof: color steel tiles, asbestos tiles , PVC tile, etc., with short service life and good price. 2. Private houses: clay tiles, glazed tiles, Spanish tiles, chain tiles, cement tiles, etc., bulky and unsightly, with good prices. 3. Temples, pavilions and other ancient buildings: ancient architectural ceramic tiles, ancient architectural metal tiles, etc., characteristic products. 4. Wooden house, light steel structure: asphalt shingles, colored stone metal shingles, etc. Asphalt shingles have a short service life and metal shingles are expensive. 5. Small villas, clubs, hotels, high-end residential areas: asphalt shingles, colored stone metal shingles, solar shingles, resin shingles, etc., relatively speaking, they are more beautiful and expensive. 6. There are some more expensive aluminum alloy tiles and so on. Tag: roof tile installation, roof tile construction, roof tile production, (602)
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