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How to increase the corrosion resistance of color steel tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-24
Before, the editor has introduced the waterproof performance and characteristics of the roofing tiles metal roof in detail. From this, we can understand that the water-resistant steel tile does not require open flame construction, no additional materials, and too much pressure. It is economical and affordable, and there is no pollution. It is harmless to the environment and human body. And it has strong adhesive force, ordinary knife wound and nail wound, it can heal itself under normal temperature. With the continuous development of the construction industry, there is a gradually emerging tile that has attracted the attention of the general public, that is, the color steel tile, and this tile is a commonly used product in modern construction projects, but we must Pay attention to its anti-corrosion performance. Today, the editor will mainly introduce how to increase the anti-corrosion performance of color steel tiles. I hope you can use it in real life after reading it. 1. Spray painting is the main method currently. This method can form a very good protective layer on the outer surface of the color steel tile, thereby enhancing the overall effect. But in the process of painting, we must pay attention to the uniformity, otherwise it will affect the anti-corrosion effect, so painting is an extremely sophisticated craftsmanship. 2. Shot blasting Shot blasting is currently an important processing technology to increase the surface corrosion of color steel tiles. People use high speed to hit the surface of the color steel tile, so that the various details of the surface are polished more tightly, and will not be easily corroded by external factors. In this way, the anti-corrosion effect of the roofing tiles itself can be strengthened, thereby also improving the overall effect. Through the above detailed introduction, the construction personnel can process from the two points of painting and shot blasting, thereby improving its anti-corrosion performance and ensuring its anti-corrosion effect. Nowadays, ordinary industrial plants, warehouses, warehouses and other simple factories are using color steel tiles as construction materials. First of all, we must ensure the quality of the steel tiles. Therefore, we must understand what materials the color steel tiles are made of, so that we can use them with confidence. . Color steel tiles are double-sided spraying of thin steel plates, processed into various corrugations to give the thin plates good mechanical properties and serve as roofing tiles. It uses colored steel plates, stainless steel plates, etc. as the surface layer, and glass wool, rock wool, polystyrene and other lightweight, fire-resistant and flame-retardant materials as the core layer of new building materials. Single-layer color steel tiles are generally used in places where the heat and sound insulation effect is not high, such as workshops. If used in residential offices, color steel sandwich panels are generally used to enhance the effect of heat and sound insulation. Compared with asbestos tile, color steel plate has good mechanical properties, large span, convenient construction such as irregular opening treatment, beautiful appearance, and slightly higher price. In addition, color steel plates can have different plate thicknesses and different surface coating treatments, which are directly related to the mechanical properties and anti-corrosion durability of color steel plates, and the price also varies greatly. Tag: roofing tiles construction, color steel tile anti-corrosion, (613)
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