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How to extend the service life of color steel tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-06
Color steel tiles are made of colorful coated steel plates, which are processed into various profiled plates, and the color steel tiles have many characteristics, such as light weight, high strength, and easy installation. We need to use it in our lives, and apply it to construction, special construction, warehouses, large-span factory buildings, exterior walls and other fields. However, color steel tiles that have been used for a long time affect their life due to factors such as the external environment, so how to extend the service life of color steel tiles? Let's learn together! The service life of color steel tile is generally about 30 years. The service life of most color steel tiles is related to the thickness of the color-coated galvanized layer, stable layer, paint layer and the quality of each layer of material. The service life of the poorer quality is less than 20 years, and the good quality can be 50-70 years. If you want the roofing tiles equipment to have a longer service life, it is inseparable from everyone's meticulous maintenance and maintenance. Therefore, you must pay attention to some details in the daily use process, as follows: 1. After the tile application is over , The appearance should be tidy and clean. 2. Understand the structure and function of this tile. Non-operators are not allowed to start the machine without understanding the mechanical function. 3. It is forbidden to work beyond the minimum closing height, that is, the minimum distance between the bottom surface of the upper sliding box and each surface of the operation is 290mm. The height after the upper and lower molds is required to be added. It should be designed according to this requirement to avoid machine accidents. 4. Always check the height of the lubricating oil in the machine, sliding box and both sides of the machine. The equipment should be scrubbed frequently and kept clean, and no muddy water should be allowed. There are two ways to improve the service life of the color steel tile and steel grating: The first method is suitable for the obvious rust and corrosion damage on the surface of the color steel tile, or to use the tile in an acid-base and corrosive environment. Process: paving the carcass base cloth as a whole + brushing 4 organic silicon coatings. If there are rust spots on the surface of the color steel tile, first use a grinder or sandpaper to clean the surface of the floating rust; if there are broken holes, then after the polishing, use a suitable size non-woven fabric before spreading the whole cloth. Go to the rusty and empty part, as a strengthening treatment, and then pave the carcass base cloth as a whole. After choosing this method, the service life of this tile can be extended by 10 to 15 years. The second method: no rust or corrosion on the new color steel tile or its appearance. Process: Without carcass base cloth, apply the organic silicon waterproof coating 2~3 times as a whole + pave the carcass base cloth with a width of 10cm at the seam overlap. The exterior of the color steel tile is not damaged to prevent possible rust, prolong the service life, and reduce its construction cost. The amount of paint per square meter is not less than 1 kg. Without significantly increasing the construction cost, the service life of this tile can be extended by at least 5 to 8 years. Warm reminder: Because there are many longitudinal and lateral overlaps in color steel tiles, and fans, ventilation pipes and other equipment are often installed on the tiles, these places need to be dealt with mainly, and at the same time, the locations of flashing plates, ventilators, etc. Carry out reasonable design to prevent the occurrence of water accumulation and flooding. Tag: color steel tile, (655)
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