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How to do the fire prevention work of color steel tile

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-24
We have learned about the installation and precautions of the waterproof steel tile before. We know that during the installation process, some waterproof materials should be painted at the position of the self-tapping nail. In addition, the performance of color steel tiles in terms of earthquake resistance, fire protection and rain protection is also very good. The following editor will introduce how to do the fire protection work of color steel tiles! With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, more and more building materials appear on the market and on the roofs of various houses, and the appearance of color steel tiles represents a new milestone in building materials. This material is also called It is a color profiled tile, which is made of color coated steel plate through cold bending and pressing. The fire protection work of color steel tile is as follows: 1. When building roofing tiles, it is recommended that everyone must stay away from electric welding and other open flame operations. Second, in order to ensure the fire resistance of the color steel tile house, the editor recommends that you use rock wool with good fire resistance as the core material. This kind of house wall has a very good fire resistance. 3. There is also a need to protect the heat source, and keep a certain safe distance between the fire source and the roofing tiles. In addition to the above-mentioned methods, fire extinguishing equipment and fire alarms must be equipped in the house. This can further protect everyone's personal safety. Color steel tiles are widely used in industrial and civil buildings. They have won with the advantages of light weight, high strength, rich colors, and convenient construction, as well as their advantages in earthquake resistance, fire resistance, rain resistance, and service life. Recognized by the market and widely used. The editor briefly lists the characteristics of color steel tiles as follows: 1. Light weight, compared with traditional brick walls, it is much lighter and has relatively high strength. It can be used as a ceiling wall for load-bearing use. , In addition, its ability to resist bending and compression is very strong. 2. The color is bright, no special surface decoration is required. The service life of the anti-corrosion layer is between ten and fifteen years, depending on the use environment. 3. Its installation is quite flexible and convenient, which can effectively shorten the construction period. In today’s industrial buildings and steel structure roofing and wall systems, the application of color steel tiles is usually seen. Therefore, the quality requirements are very high. Later, there will be water leakage and corrosion, which will be severely shortened. In the actual production process, there are many problems that need our attention. Tag: color steel tile, (599)
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