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How to distinguish the quality of roof tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-24
are often used when building houses, and it is also a very common type of tile. When using roofing tiles, there are naturally good and poor quality products. So how to distinguish the quality of roof tiles? Next, I will introduce this issue in detail below! We can distinguish the quality of roof tiles from the following aspects: 1. The appearance is regular, the edges are straight, not twisted or warped, there are no incomplete cracks on the front and back, and the claws are all corners and corners (to ensure that they are hung firmly. ). When a large tile factory manufactures colored tiles, the molds used are made of high-strength aluminum alloy, flat and regular, the tiles produced are naturally flat and accurate in size; small factories use iron sheet as the mold, which itself warps, and the tiles that come down cannot be flat to the standard. This directly affects the paving effect, the paved roof gaps are large and irregular, and the effect of rain, wind, and heat insulation is very poor. Measurement method: Put the tile on a flat surface and click to see if it is warped and flat; glance at the side edges at both ends to see if it is straight. 2. Coloring layer 1) Material. First determine whether the colored layer is cement or paint. The coloring layer of a good color tile is composed of high-strength cement, inorganic pigments, resin and silica aggregate, and the thickness is about 0.5mm. It has strong adhesion (manufactured at the same time as the tile), and has good weather resistance, and will not fall off and fade after decades of sun and rain. Most of this layer in the color tile factory is sprayed with paint. When the new tile is not in the house, it looks very bright, and it changes color and falls off soon after it is laid. Investigate first when distinguishing: the former has a certain thickness of the colored layer from the side and the end, while the latter is very thin and you can see the spray spots of the paint, or there are paint flow marks on the end of the tile. Then use a sharp iron tool to scratch: the former is hard and difficult to scratch, and the latter reveals the bottom with one stroke. 2) The commonality of colors. The color layer of the whole tile surface is uniform and pitted, without any flow marks and color difference. The second tile is not the case, the bright ones are generally paint. Put multiple tiles together so that the colors of the good tiles cannot be different from each other. 3. The degree of compactness determines the strength, water permeability, frost resistance, and service life of roof tiles. Density is determined by whether the tile-making equipment is advanced and the level of production technology. High-density tiles must be formed by high-pressure rolling and extrusion of semi-dry cement materials. The water-cement ratio of cement is between 0.4-0.5 (one kilogram of cement and 0.4-0.5 kilograms of water) is automatically prepared with the US patented mixing equipment (other simple methods cannot be mixed), and the cement is produced in the rolling warehouse like steel rolling. It is extruded and rolled on a high-strength aluminum alloy die and blocked actively, so that high-density tile blanks can be formed. Because the open space inside is small, water is not easy to soak. Small factories can mix the materials manually or use a simple mixer. The cement slurry can be mixed only when the water-cement ratio is 0.6-0.7. In addition, the iron mold is used, which cannot withstand large pressures, and it is only a touch. Therefore, the density is greatly reduced, and the internal open space is large and large, so the impermeability is very poor. In continuous cloudy days, rainwater will seep to the back of the tile and drip, and then enter the roof. The impermeability is poor, and it is not resistant to freezing in winter. Especially in the north, snow water enters the tile during the day, freezes at night and swells, which will burst and gradually fall off and damage the tile, and the service life of the tile will not be long. Identification method: listen to the sound: lift the tile with one hand and hit the tile with a hard object with the other. If the sound is loud, the density is good; if the sound is dull, the density is poor. Look at the stubble: break the tiles, if the section is dense and fine, with good compactness; if the section is rough and loose, the compactness is poor. 4. Impermeability irrigation method: Put the roof tiles backwards and add water in the grooves for investigation. Although the rainproof capacity of the double sink is limited. In addition, it is afraid of crosswinds, so it is easy to leak during a storm, and the corresponding thermal insulation function is also poor. This kind of tile is difficult to lay, and it is not easy to lay it in a regular manner, and it is already a type of outdated tile in foreign countries. 6. The weight is good. The weight of each tile is generally about 4.5 kilograms (about 42 kilograms per square). The difference in data is low and the density is poor. Only by increasing the weight can the necessary minimum strength be obtained. Each tile weighs about 5 to 5.2 kilograms. The weight of the tile increases the roof load, which will cause disadvantages to the wooden structure house. 7. Look at the lap joints of the tiles. The lap joints of the roofing tiles should be opened at the highest part of the tile ribs, and form an 'S'-shaped bite. When it rains, the gaps are guaranteed to have the least water ingress, the windproof ability is the best, and the heat insulation effect Significantly. The single-groove tile meets this requirement, but the double-groove tile is obviously inferior. The reason has been mentioned above. Tag: villa roof tile, roof tile, (1,168)
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