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How to deal with the color steel tile rust

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-28
Nowadays, the color steel tiles that are popular in the construction industry have many titles, and the tiles are widely used in industrial and civil buildings, warehouses and special constructions. The color steel tiles have the advantages of light weight and high strength. It is also quite abundant, construction is also quite convenient, its maintenance is also very easy, and regular maintenance of it can improve the service life of the roofing tiles, which is now widely used. And this kind of tile has been used for a long time, and rust cannot be avoided due to the influence of the external environment. So how to deal with the rust of the color steel tile? Let’s get to know it together! Option 1: Remove all the corroded color steel tiles and replace them with new tiles. The removal construction process of this program has certain risks. It is difficult to ensure the personal safety of the removal construction workers. Moreover, the construction cost of the removal process of this program plus the new color steel tile material cost, plus the installation fee of the new tile, the total cost is very high. Expensive and extremely expensive. 5-8 years after replacing the new plate, the same problem will be faced today-the color steel tile is rusted, causing a great waste of resources and costs. Option 2: Lay a new plate on the surface of the original corroded color steel tile. The company does not recommend that you take the construction plan of laying a new slab on the original corroded color steel plate. There are three reasons: 1. Adding a layer of color steel plate will inevitably increase the roof constant load (about 0.05KN/㎡) , Approximately equal to 5kg/㎡, 1000 square meters workshop will increase the weight of 5 tons, this data must be paid special attention to), the original plant will generally not reserve a large dead load during the design and construction, after increasing the dead load , It will have a certain impact on the bearing capacity of roof purlins, roof steel beams, steel columns and other components. There are structural safety risks and a certain degree of safety hazards. It is quite detrimental to the structural forces. I believe that no customer or worker is willing to Work in an environment with safety hazards. 2. The newly paved color steel plate and the original rusty old plate can easily form an electrochemical reaction (primary battery) in the atmosphere, water vapor and other media in the air. The new plate serves as the anode and the old plate serves as the cathode. Sacrifice the new board to maintain the rusty old board (sacrifice the anode to maintain the cathode) to speed up the corrosion rate of the new board. In this way, the corrosion of the old board is not solved, but it will greatly reduce the service life of the new board. This practice will cause small losses Big. 3. Adding colored boards is expensive. Although the cost of removing the old boards is saved, all costs such as installation costs, labor costs and material costs are also a high expenditure, and in the process of laying new boards, they will be added again. Self-tapping nails are fixed. The original roof purlins and old panels will be densely covered with self-tapping nails, which increases the risk of roof leakage and the rust of the self-tapping nails on the roof panel, thereby shortening the service life of the new panel. Option 3: Perform a comprehensive treatment on the appearance of the corroded color steel tile, and re-spray the special color steel tile anticorrosive paint. The cost of this scheme is relatively low. After effective treatment, the service life of color steel tiles can be greatly extended, even longer than the service life of new tiles, and the original tiles can be reused to a great extent, which can avoid waste of resources. , Thereby reducing the overhead of non-productive costs. However, when constructing this plan, we must find a professional color steel tile anticorrosive construction team, and we must not blindly choose general paint for treatment, otherwise it will have a counterproductive effect and backfire. Tag: color steel tile, (684)
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