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How to choose color stone metal tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-18
How to distinguish the quality of colored stone metal tiles and how to buy them, I believe this has always been a problem that our customers need to consider when buying this tile. Then the editor below will launch the following introduction to this problem, hoping to help all users. Roof tiles are an indispensable roofing material when building a house, so how can we buy high-quality colored stone metal tiles? The editor is here to tell you that if you carefully distinguish the quality of the steel plate, the color of the colored sand and the surface glue used, you will find that the color stone metal tile is very different from the low-quality steel plate. The selection methods of color stone metal tiles are as follows: 1. The thickness of the real aluminum-zinc steel plate is 0.4 thick according to the material selection, and the fingerprint-resistant aluminum-zinc layer on the back side will not easily deform. The unconscience factory chooses ordinary steel plate coated with green varnish to impersonate the fingerprint-resistant steel plate. This kind of steel plate will corrode and leak water after a few years! In the context of the massive price increase of steel, there are still a few conscientious manufacturers who can stick to their original intentions and seek truth from facts! 2. Look at the color of the colored sand. It is recommended that you use the 'French Berestone' high-temperature sintered ceramic colored sand for the full color of the metal tile, which is bright in color, strong in UV resistance, and will never fade! In order to reduce costs, unconscious factories use dyed sand instead of sintered sand, and the color of dyed sand will change in about half a year. Everyone must improve their recognition when buying, and don't spend wrong money on defective products! 3. Adhesives should not be neglected. Acrylic resin adhesives are also a particularly important material in the production process of metal tiles. It has a real environmentally friendly high-viscosity resin acrylic primer and surface glue. According to the different geographical areas of the use of colored stone metal tiles, high temperature and low temperature resistant primers and surface glues will be used differently! Therefore, everyone must resolutely resist the use of acryl-benzene materials as primers and top coats in order to reduce costs in unconscious factories, which is extremely harmful to the human body and the environment. 4. It is important to choose a brand. Try to choose a brand with a high reputation and a high reputation when purchasing. Even if the price is relatively higher, its quality and after-sales service must be guaranteed. Related reading: The quality of color stone metal tile is good or bad. Label: Color stone coated steel roof tile, (656)
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