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How to choose color stone metal tile

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-19
Color stone metal tile is a natural roof protection layer. It is used to decorate houses. Because of the characteristics and advantages of color stone metal tile, more and more residents are paved with metal tile, which has a gorgeous appearance. It also has a waterproof function. However, there are many different colored stone metal tiles on the market today, which makes users face the difficulty of choice. So how to choose the color stone metal tile? The following editor will take everyone to discuss it together! We have to choose well-known brand manufacturers of metal tiles, or old manufacturers with a certain development history. The products will be more perfect through the continuous running-in of the market. Avoid choosing some fledgling new manufacturers, whether it is from research and development, production, sales, installation, or It will be more worry-free, time-saving and labor-saving to cooperate with old or well-known manufacturers in various aspects such as technical service and after-sales service. 1. Material. Most of the metal tiles on the market that use color steel plates as substrates are inferior products produced by small processing plants. The high-quality color stone metal tile is made of fingerprint-resistant aluminum-zinc plated steel plate, which will not be aging and deformed after long-term use. 2. The spraying process is truly environmentally friendly and high-viscosity resin acrylic primer and surface glue. For the different geographical areas of the use of colored stone metal tiles, high temperature and low temperature resistant primers and surface glues will be used separately! (Resolutely resist the use of propylene benzene materials as primers and top glues in order to reduce costs by unconscious factories, which is extremely harmful to the human body and the environment). Effectively guarantee that it will not age for more than 50 years. The metal tile is not easy to burst during the use of the decoration of the house, and it can also reduce the discoloration in the shrinkage performance of the house. In the process of roof application, the metal tile has the processing performance to prevent the spread of flames. In the design of various colors and styles, it satisfies the technical process of negative pressure in various construction objects, and also reduces the natural environment. The pollution situation arises. In the decoration process of the house, metal tiles can effectively improve the aesthetic performance of the building, and can also reduce the occurrence of material waste. In the decoration skills of the roof, the occurrence of excessive temperature during the heat treatment process is improved. Traditional roofing can have the effect of heat preservation and waterproofing, and it has become an advantage product that is often used in rainy and boring seasons. The color stone metal tile uses galvanized steel plate as the base plate, and on this basis, it is perfectly combined with acrylic resin. It adds a natural protective layer to the roof. Its corrosion resistance is the most significant advantage of metal roof tiles and has a long life. It reduces the worries of the owners. Related reading: How to choose and buy colorful stone metal tiles Tags: colorful stone metal tiles, standard for colorful stone metal tiles, (585)
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