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Factors affecting the quality of colored stone metal tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-25
At present, the color stone metal tile is a new type of roofing building material tile in the domestic market, and this product is mainly for export. In recent years, some domestic high-end buildings and slope modification projects have also begun to use the tile, but most customers have little knowledge of its tile type, price, quality, and specifications. As a result, they didn't know how to start when they were buying colored stone metal tiles. Nowadays, there are many kinds of colored stone metal tiles on the market, their prices are also uneven, and the quality is also very different. In fact, the quality of colored stone metal tiles will be affected by many factors, so what are the factors? Let’s take a look! 1. Colored sand is protected by the characteristics of volcanic rock, so that the incandescent volcanic rock has evolved into basalt and formed rock particles. In the natural environment, they are exceptionally beautiful, hard and unique. They are specially treated by ceramic glaze. :It is calcined at high temperature, so that it will not fade in 5% saline alkali, 240h ultraviolet light, 500w high pressure lamp, 1200h and 800 degrees in waste furnace for 10 minutes, and then boil in boiling water for 15 hours without fading. Knot moss.  2. The galvanized steel sheet is composed of a substrate, a 55% aluminum-zinc-plated aluminum-zinc layer, and an alloy layer. The substrate (cold-rolled, hot-rolled): It has the advantages of high strength, easy processing, and economy, but it is easy to be corroded. 55% Al-Zn plate Al-Zn layer: 55% aluminum + 43.5% zinc + 1.5% silicon and other trace elements. Alloy layer: A thin alloy layer is formed by aluminum and iron, thereby inhibiting the growth of brittle new ferroalloy and increasing its workability. 3. Glue Glue is the manufacturer's secret weapon. Some manufacturers have added frozen glue in response to the difference between the north and the south and the glue formula in cold places in the north. Compared with southern weather, pure silica gel is used. The color stone metal tile is molded into various tile shapes with aluminized zinc steel plate as the base material, and then water-based acrylic resin is used as the adhesive, and the colored sand is bonded as the surface. After two dryings, it is formed.  The international general specification of color stone metal tile: length 1340mm, width 420mm, weight 2.65-2.75kg/piece, two pieces covering an area of u200bu200babout one square. There are mainly five types of tile types, namely: seven-wave type, Roman type, square type, Northen type, and wood grain type. The above is the related content that affects the quality of the color stone metal tile. I hope that after reading it, it will be helpful for future purchases. This product has a long service life and bright colors. Although the initial installation cost is high, its overall cost is lower than that of color steel tiles, so it is strongly supported by the country and sought after by users. Tag: color stone metal tile, (636)
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