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Explanation of installation steps and skills of colored stone metal tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-17
The overlapping of colored stone metal tiles can be from left to right or from right to left, all interlocking. However, the overlapping part should face away from the prevailing wind direction, rainwater flow direction or rainwater drain pipe and roof gutter. The order of paving is generally from bottom to top from the cornice to the ridge. The colored stone coated steel roof tile paving nails are fixed at the front edge of the colored stone coated steel roof tile, and the colored stone coated steel roof tile (color stone metal tile 13067849690) is fixed on the hanging tile with mounting nails. The center of the overlapping tile arc of the stone metal tile is nailed and fixed at a position 60mm from the covered metal tile. Each tile should be fixed by 7 mounting nails. When installing the nailing technology of colored stone metal tiles, you should stand at the wooden keel where the tiles overlap, facing the cornice, nailing and fixing the tiles, and the nail gun can also fix the tiles. The installation steps of the roof of the gable with colored stone metal tiles start from the second row of the highest part of the roof, and the colored stone metal tiles are installed horizontally from one end to the other end of the gable. The tiles at the side end of the gable wall should be bent and close to the gable plate. After the tiles are temporarily fixed, the rear part is just laid on the hanging strips. Starting from the already laid tiles in this row, the laying of the next row of tiles is also done horizontally from one end of the gable to the other. After the two rows of tiles have been laid, nailed and fixed. If the overlap of the tiles is staggered, the cut tiles will be used on the side of the gable to improve the appearance of the gable. The installation steps of the color stone metal tile on the inclined roof ridge are in the second row of the highest part of the roof, 150mm from the inclined roof ridge board, and then continue to lay to the other end until the final piece of complete color stone metal tile is laid. . Make sure to firmly fix the back edge of the tiles, and install only the two rows of tiles down each time, and their starting positions are the same. For the junction of the roof and the vertical wall, the colored stone metal tile should bend the tiles on the side of the wall and cover it with the flooding edge. The distance from the complete tile closest to the vertical wall to the vertical wall is Determine the bend line. Add 40mm as the cutting line. Cut and bend the tiles. When installing the ridge tiles of the colored stone metal tiles, they should be overlapped along the maximum frequency wind direction, and the colored stone metal tiles on the two slopes should be fully overlapped, and the overlap width should not be less than 50mm. Tag: color stone metal tile installation, (784)
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