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Explain in detail the use, type and purchase of color steel tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-21
With the continuous development of the construction industry, color steel tiles are widely used in the construction industry with its own advantages. Today, let us take a closer look at the color steel tile! The main purpose of the color steel tile The color steel tile is made of color coated steel plate, which is rolled into a profiled plate of various wave shapes. Mainly used in: 1. All-steel structure workshop frame; 2. Single-sided color steel plate steel structure workshop; 3. Multi-span steel structure workshop; 4. Workshop with wooden crane beam; 5. Villa-style color steel plate office room; 6. , Continuous span color steel plate ceiling; 7. Adding floors on the roof; 8. Large-span workshop; 9. Light steel structure ring shed, etc. Common types of color steel tiles Common types: 460 type color steel tiles; 760 type color steel tiles; 750 type color steel tiles; 820 type color steel tiles; 840 type color steel tiles; 900 type color steel tiles; 1050 type color steel tiles ; 850 type color steel tile; 880 type color steel tile and so on. How to choose the color steel tile correctly 1. Observe the thickness of the color steel plate substrate and the thickness of the coating layer. Generally speaking, the thickness of the color steel plate substrate is 0.02-0.05mm, and the thickness of the film or coating is generally less than 0.15mm. 2. Observe whether the exposed section of the color steel plate is finely crystalline. If it is, it means that its quality is better. 3. Gently tap the color steel plate with your fingers or a hard object. If the material is good, the tapping sound should be crisp, and if the material is inferior, the tapping sound will be dull. 4. Check whether the color steel tile has a quality certificate. How to increase the anti-corrosion performance of color steel tile 1. Spray paint. Spray paint is currently the main method. This type of method can form a very good protective layer on the surface of the roofing tiles to enhance the overall effect. But in the process of painting, we must pay attention to the uniformity, otherwise it will affect the anti-corrosion effect of the color steel tile, and painting is also an extremely sophisticated craftsmanship. 2. Shot blasting. Shot blasting is currently an important processing technology to increase the surface corrosion of color steel tiles. Professionals use high-speed to hit the surface of the roofing tiles, so that the various details of the surface are polished more tightly, and will not be easily corroded by external factors, so that the anti-corrosion effect of the color steel tile itself can be enhanced, and it can also Directly enhance the overall aesthetic effect. Tag: roofing tiles, (698)
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