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Detailed installation steps of color steel tile and glazed tile

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-28
Before, the editor gave a detailed introduction to the installation and renovation of color steel tiles. We know that we must pay great attention to the laying of color steel tiles, and it is very important. The general laying methods are divided into two types, overlapping and staggered. There are two types. And in the process of its renovation, it must be carried out in a dry environment, and special attention must be paid to fire prevention and so on. Regardless of the tile, its installation steps must be mastered by the staff. A slight error will cause irregular installation, which will affect the quality of the product. The same is true for colored steel glazed tiles. Next, I will give you What I want to introduce is the detailed installation steps of roofing tiles and glazed tile! 1. The procedure of construction unwinding must be carried out first. Remember to use professional equipment to hang the control lines used in the whole project. After finishing this procedure, professionals must carry out the relevant procedures. Check and check, be sure to make sure it is correct. If you find any errors, please make adjustments in time to ensure that there are no fewer cuts. 2. For roof treatment, it is important to know that this link is more important for the installation procedure of roofing tiles and glazed tile. Before tiling the roof, be sure to clean the parts that should be cleaned thoroughly. Only in this way can the color steel glazed tiles be installed firmly and smoothly. 3. The construction phase of the bonding layer requires professional operations to avoid relatively large errors. 4. Construction of roof ridge tiles and drainage ditch tiles The construction of roof ridge tiles and related parts, no matter which procedure of the color steel tile and glazed tile installation, requires personnel with relevant experience to be careful. In the process of roof tile construction, remember to connect the main tile well with the roof tile. The purpose of this is to avoid the intrusion of rainwater. 5. Cleaning and sanitation After the installation of the color steel glazed tiles on the entire roof is completed, it is necessary to send someone to clean the sanitation of each tile. Because colored steel glazed tiles are not the same as ordinary tiles, the editor recommends that you use cotton yarn for cleaning, which is more conducive to maintaining the brightness and color of colored steel glazed tiles. After reading the above content, you must have understood the installation steps of colored steel glazed tiles. Therefore, when installing colored steel glazed tiles in the future, you must strictly follow the relevant installation steps, otherwise it will affect the construction quality of the roof. Tag: color steel tile, color steel tile installation, (677)
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