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Detailed explanation of the three major processes of color steel tile

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-21
is a new type of building material. Because of its performance advantages, it is favored by many manufacturers. Today, the editor will explain to you the three major crafts of color steel tiles. Quenching process of roofing tiles 1. The quenching process is mainly that when the color steel tile is heated above the critical temperature, all or most of the original structure at room temperature is transformed into austenite; then the steel is quickly immersed in water or oil On cooling, austenite is transformed into martensite. Compared with other structures in steel, martensite has the highest hardness; in addition, rapid cooling during quenching will cause internal stress in the material, which is large to a certain extent. Distortion, deformation and even cracking will occur. For this reason, a suitable cooling method must be selected. The quenching process is divided into four categories: single-liquid quenching, dual-medium quenching, martensite graded quenching and bainite austempering. 2. The quenching process can improve the hardness and wear resistance of the color steel tile, and through the combination of quenching and tempering at different temperatures, the strength, toughness and fatigue strength of the color steel tile can be greatly improved, and the difference between these properties can be obtained. Cooperate to meet different usage requirements. Hot-dip galvanizing process of color steel tile 1. Cleaning: Compared with ordinary hot-dip galvanizing production, the production of hot-dip galvanizing color steel tile has stricter requirements on the cleanliness of the substrate. Therefore, in order to ensure the adhesion of the coating, the production of color steel tiles generally needs to be cleaned outside the furnace. 2. Annealing: Compared with ordinary hot-dip galvanized sheet, the annealing of hot-dip galvanized color steel tile has two problems to be considered: one is how to realize the online over-aging treatment for the roofing tiles; And strictly control the zero temperature at the nose of the furnace. 3. Hot-dip plating: In order to obtain better coating adhesion, the temperature of the strip steel entering the zinc pot should be about 50 degrees Celsius lower than the temperature of the plating solution. 4. Post-plating treatment: same as ordinary hot-dip galvanizing, the color steel plate is generally subjected to chromic acid passivation post-treatment. Finishing process of color steel tile 1. Finishing of color steel tile is an important process in the production of color steel tile. Its success is directly related to the quality of color steel tile. Generally speaking, the edge finishing process is implemented before the positioning of the color steel tile, but some people like to implement edge finishing after installation. 2. When trimming, first place the trimming tool on the chassis of the color steel tile, and pay special attention to the distance between it and the color steel tile; then use the tool to hold the terminal of the color steel tile and hold the color steel tile. The chassis of the tile is folded upward; finally, the main purpose is to slightly bend the end of the chassis at the lower end of the color steel tile downward. Tag: roofing tiles, color steel tile production process, (731)
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