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Correct installation method of color stone metal tile

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-14
We have introduced the installation and construction of the colored stone metal tile roof. We know that the installation of this tile roof is very particular. After the installation is completed, don't forget to finish it. So what are the correct installation methods for colored stone metal tiles? Next, please see the detailed introduction below! Key points for the construction of colored stone metal tiles: Spring line: The vertical spring line is the installation line along the water, perpendicular to the eaves, from the eaves to the ridge, the distance between the two lines is 2250px, which can start from either side of the roof; the horizontal spring line is The installation line of the tile hanging bar is parallel to the eaves, from the leftmost to the rightmost of the roof, and the elastic line starts from the lower end of the eaves. The distance from the first line to the second line is 850px, and the distances of all subsequent lines are all 950px, how much is left after the final line of the roof leaves the installation space for the ridge tiles. The correct installation methods of the colored stone metal tiles are as follows: 1. Install the water along: each longitudinal elastic line installs a water along, and the water along and the leveling layer are fixed with steel nails. The nail distance is about 1250px (in case of high-rise nails). The distance should be appropriately shortened to increase its firmness), to ensure that the top of the installed water strip is straight and firmly connected to the leveling layer. For special-shaped roofs, such as curved roofs, the downstream strips should be appropriately segmented to suit the shape of the roof, and the fit with the roof should be as tight as possible. The two sides of the downstream strips should be fixed with nails. If the length of the downstream strips Within 1250px-2500px, the middle should be fixed with steel nails. 2. Install the tiling bar: install one tiling bar for each horizontal elastic line, and use nails to fix the tiling bar and the downstream bar. Use a nail for each intersection, and each of the two hanging tiling bars. Fix it with a nail. Make sure that the front and top of the installed tiling strip are straight and firmly connected to the water strip. To install the ridge tile (including the oblique ridge), you need to install two hanging tile bars 4-125px higher than the main tile hanger bar independently. The outer edge width of the two hanging tile bars is determined according to the selected ridge tile width. The round ridge tile The angle ridge tile is 350px, and the square ridge tile is 125px. Leave a place for installing the gutter board at the gutter. To install a tile on the gable wall to install the gable board, the width of the gable board is 100px. And the width of the color stone metal tile hanging strip can not be greater than this width. 3. Install the gutter board: place the gutter board in the reserved gutter position, and fix the two sides of the gutter board with each connecting tile with nails, and put the two gutter boards together The connection amount shall not be less than 250px. 4. Install the main tiles: first transport the main tiles to the roof, and place them evenly on the roof in units of 10 pieces (less than 10 pieces), and then install them symmetrically on both slopes from top to bottom. The overlapping width of the left and right tiles is about 200px, and the overlapping seams should avoid the prevailing local wind direction. The overlap of the upper and lower rows of tiles can be installed in staggered or well-sealed installations according to the actual situation of the project; the front edge of the upper row of tiles should be buckled on the rear edge of the lower row of tiles, and the overlap width is about 100px. At the junction with the gutter, the main tile should penetrate 2-125px into the gutter plate. After the main tiles are laid, they should be fixed on the hanging rails with self-tapping nails in the horizontal direction at the junction of the two arc edges (some tile types are two hypotenuses) at the front of the tiles, and each main tile The number of fixed nails must not be less than 4 (if it is a high-rise or steeply inclined roof, the number of nails for each main tile is not less than 6), and the overlap of the left and right tiles must be fixed. 5. Install the ridge tile: reserve 125px width at the connection between the main tile and the ridge tile (including the main ridge and the oblique ridge), and cut off all the rest, then fold it up by 125px and fix it on the ridge tile with nails. On the tile strip, buckle the ridge tile on top, and fix it with the hanging tile strip on two sides with self-tapping nails. Each round ridge tile or angle ridge tile is fixed with 4 self-tapping screws, and each square ridge tile is self-tapping nails. The spacing between them is 1000px. Special end caps must be installed at both ends of the main ridge and the outer end of the oblique ridge, and pull rivets are used for installation. After installation, the ridge tiles should be straight and free of ruggedness and distortion, so that the outline of the roof looks neat and beautiful. 6. Eaves treatment: the main tile of the colored stone metal tile and the self-tapping nails used for fixing the first row of the eaves should be installed vertically, and the eaves should be smoothed with eaves, marble or cement mortar. At the junction of the upper and lower roofs with different slopes, if the exposed part does not exceed 300px, cornices can be used. If it exceeds 300px, it can be packaged with a tablet. Tag: color stone coated steel roof tile installation, color stone coated steel roof tile construction, (734)
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