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Construction advantages and methods of villa roof tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-08
Because of the many advantages and characteristics of villa roof tiles, there are also many types, so they have attracted much attention in the construction industry. Nowadays, many friends want to do the roof tile construction of this villa, but they don’t know what preparations should be made before construction and how to construct it. The editor below will introduce these issues as follows, hoping to help everyone! 1. The construction advantages of villa roof tiles are as follows: 1. Natural silica sand particles are used for high temperature and high pressure molding, and the color is naturally lasting and stable. 2. It is suitable for severe weather conditions. 3. The use of lock lap joints between the tiles makes its utilization rate high, and there is no possibility of slipping. 4. The water rate is only 0.43%, and the waterproof performance is good. 5. It has the texture of natural slate and axe plank. After construction, it looks clear and lifelike. 6. Compared with slate, the construction of villa roofing tiles has these advantages: high utilization rate, no radiation, not easy to break, clear texture, and convenient construction. 7. Compared with wood panels, the construction of villa roof tiles has the advantages of fire prevention, mildew, moisture absorption, cracking, moth-eaten, hardness and durability. 2. The construction methods of villa roofing tiles are as follows: 1. Sloping roof sloping roof: leveling layer construction → waterproof layer construction → insulation layer construction → protective layer construction → west tile paving → lightning protection belt installation, the construction process of steep roof sloping roof is the same Big slope roof. 2. Sloping roof construction of large roof: leveling layer, 20mm thick 1:3 cement mortar leveling layer. Before the construction of the leveling layer, clean the dust, mortar and other debris on the surface of the base layer. 3. There are many roof elevations, yin and yang ridges are staggered, and there are many roofing components. 4. In the leveling layer, the yin and yang ridges, pipe roots, flue ducts, chimneys, tiger windows, gutters, and other yin and yang corners should be smeared with cement mortar into an arc or obtuse angle with a radius of not less than 60mm, so that the waterproof membrane can be spread smoothly . Tag: villa roof tile construction, (664)
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