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Conditions and construction of color steel tile roof waterproof

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-29
The previous editor has introduced the characteristics and methods of color steel tile roof waterproofing. It can be known that in order to achieve long-term waterproof effect, the most basic operation of color steel tile is to clean the surface of the tile regularly. So what are the conditions and construction of the color steel tile roof waterproofing? Let's get to know it together! The waterproof conditions are as follows: 1. The color steel tile base surface is free of dust and looseness. Construction can only be done after the loose part has been dealt with. 2. There should be no water accumulation on the base surface. If there is such a phenomenon, it must be reinforced, and the waterproof layer can be constructed only after it is qualified. 3. When the gap of the color steel tile exceeds 0.3mm, it must be reinforced, and then the construction can be carried out. 4. The inner and outer corners of the yin and yang corners, pile elevation and plane inner corners, and elevation inner and outer corners must be added as additional layers. 5. When the roofing tiles roof is constructed in the morning, there may be dew on the tile. If there is, stop the construction. When the construction is severe in winter, the color steel tile should be brushed with the base treatment agent. The waterproof construction process is as follows: 1. Clean the base surface: wipe off the dust on the old color steel tile surface with a support cloth. If there is rust, remove the rust until it is level and clean. 2. Make additional layers: make additional layers at the yin and yang corners, vents, gutters, etc. The additional layer is 375px-750px wide and extends along the central axis of the yin and yang corners. 3. Coat the overlap of the metal roof with a layer of waterproof coating. When it is still wet, a 15-20 cm wide non-woven fabric can be embedded in it, and then the non-woven fabric can be fully infiltrated with the waterproof coating from above, and even the whole dry. 4. Protrusions of metal roof (such as chimneys, vents, fan ports, etc.): Cut non-woven fabrics of suitable size and shape, and cut them according to technical requirements. Coat a layer of waterproof coating around the protrusions and cut them. Spread the non-woven fabric on the tiles, and then fully soak the non-woven fabric with waterproof coating from above to ensure that it does not foam or wrinkle. 5. Metal roofing fixture: use a 10cm×10cm non-woven fabric and process it in the same way as above. The precautions are as follows: 1. Do not apply at temperatures below 4°C or in the rain, and do not apply in a particularly humid and unventilated environment, otherwise it will affect film formation. 2. After construction, everyone should carefully check all parts of the entire project, especially the weak links. If any problems are found, the cause should be immediately identified and repaired in time. 3. Welding repairs, bonding repairs or mechanical fixing repairs are directly carried out for damaged roofs, and waterproof glue or sealant can be used directly for plugging of small holes. If the roof deformation is large, repair is still the main task, and replacement is a supplement. When it is really necessary to replace the color steel plate, the replacement color steel plate does not have to be the same as the original one. The overlap between the processing plate and the plate must be strictly in accordance with the requirements, and there should be no leaks. The replaced color steel plate should be upright across the two ends. The position of the 360-degree buckle plate, if it is directly connected, the buckle iron should be used. 4. For the parts where the overlap is not enough, the waterproof material with good adhesion, long elongation and aging resistance should be used to seal the overlap, or the coil can be used to paste. If the coating material is used to construct the overlap, the most It is good to leave an empty shop of 5~10 cm. 5. The roof ridge board can be used to re-block the edge of the roof and can be constructed with coiled materials. The deformed iron sheet can be directly replaced, adding fixed points and sealing the lap joints. Do not use traditional construction methods for pipes extending out of the roof and exhaust air. It is best to make a buffer zone. The edge of the daylighting window should be filled with sealing material. 6. The waterproof connection part with the main body should be reasonable, and the joint should be sealed with ointment or caulking paste, otherwise there will be water ingress and leakage. 7. For long-term disrepair and damaged parts can be repaired by pasting method, we usually use sealant and iron plate composite construction. The cracked part of the seam should be sealed again with glue, and the parts such as self-tapping screws and self-tapping screws can be sealed with elastomer material or sealant. Tag: roofing tiles, color steel tile roof waterproof, color steel tile construction, (651)
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