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Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of traditional shingles and asphalt shingles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-10
Traditional roofing tiles and asphalt shingles are common roof tiles, and they all have their own characteristics. Compared with traditional shingles, asphalt shingles have their unique characteristics. What are the advantages of asphalt shingles compared with traditional shingles? Below we analyze the advantages and disadvantages between them from different angles: 1. Raw material asphalt shingles: use all-weather modified waterproofing Asphalt, high-strength glass fiber base; traditional tile: the raw materials used are general 425/525 cement, coarse sand, and fine sand. 2. Color asphalt shingles: There are many types. The sand on the surface is made of colorful particles of basalt with natural colors and ceramicized under high temperature. The color of traditional tiles is as follows: Coating type: There are many types, but because the color of the exterior is mixed with white cement, quartz sand, inorganic pigment powder and various additives, it is impossible for the color to enter the particles of quartz sand. Inside, the color coating is easily corroded in its natural state, and will eventually show uneven fading and discoloration. Mixed type: not many types. Because the color is directly affected by the color of the tile body, it turns black. In addition, the color mixed with cement will greatly damage the strength of the tile body, and it is easier to fade at this time. 3. Appearance texture of asphalt shingles: it will not reflect completely when shining in the sun, and it has real matt effect. Traditional tile: The manufacturing is relatively rough, and it has strong reflection when shining in the sun, and its color can hardly be recognized. 4. Flexible asphalt shingles: Asphalt shingles have good flexibility in function, and are suitable for simple or complex roofing. Traditional tiles: There is no flexibility, mostly ceramic tiles and glazed tiles are classified as brittle materials. And this tile is very easy to be damaged in the process of transportation. 5. Auxiliary materials Asphalt shingles: There are few auxiliary materials, only special nails and asphalt glue for asphalt shingles are needed, which can save the cost of auxiliary materials. Traditional shingles: require wood, nails, special buckles, special paints, cement and special tools, which increase the material cost and are more expensive than asphalt shingles. 6. Asphalt shingle construction: the construction is simple, you can use a general utility knife, no other special tools are needed. Traditional tile: The construction is more complicated, and cement mortar must be used. After flowing on the surface of the tile during the setting process, it is not easy to remove and affect its appearance. 7. Applicable roofing type Asphalt shingles: suitable for roofs of any shape, including round construction. Traditional tiles: They can only be laid on flat roofs, which are not suitable for today's diversified construction needs. There are too many requirements for construction, which is not suitable for the current changing social status quo. 8. Roofing function Asphalt shingles: the use of full-covered glue is closer to the roof, and the combination of tiles and shingles is better, which meets the requirements of roofing. Traditional tile: Dry hanging method is used. Due to the size error, it is easy to cause warping and opening between the tile and the tile, which affects the appearance and leak-proofness of the roof. Tag: roof tile, (657)
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