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Compared with several roof tiles, the performance of metal tiles is still reliable

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-09
play an important role in construction, not only to ensure the role of protection of the building, but also to ensure the beauty of the building. It can be said that the beauty of a building depends entirely on the roof tiles. It can be seen that roof tiles are very important to buildings. In fact, there are many roofing tiles, including slate tiles, asphalt tiles, cement tiles, glazed tiles, in addition to metal tiles. I will introduce the advantages and disadvantages between them in a moment. The first is glazed tile, which has the advantages of good flatness, good waterproofness, flexural resistance, frost resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and is not easy to fade. The disadvantage is that it is easily deformed, cracked, has a short lifespan, and the overall feeling is a bit stingy, and the price is high and it is not easy to produce. I believe that many people may give up using this material because of the cost. Then there is the cement tile. Its advantages are high density, high strength, good rain and frost resistance, smooth surface, good heat insulation performance, and long service life; the disadvantages are low grade, easy to fade, and high maintenance cost. It can save some costs, but it always needs maintenance. In fact, the overall calculation is not able to effectively save costs. The main reason is that it does not reflect the beauty of the building. Such tiles are something we don't want to choose. There is also slate tiles. Its advantages are strong flexibility, good frost resistance, good flatness, small color difference, high bending strength, and low calcium, iron and sulfur content; the disadvantage is that the maintenance is more troublesome and the service life is not long; so This kind of material that is not durable for a long time is not worth using. It is not only a waste of cost, but also a lot of trouble. In fact, there are many types of metal tiles. Among them, the metal composite tile among the metal tiles is very popular. The metal composite tile is not possessed by the same type of roof tile in terms of performance or color. The following are the characteristics of metal composite tiles: 1. Metal unique texture and color: noble metal texture and rich colors make architecture an art; 2. Soft material: suitable for geometric and special-shaped roofs: such as hyperbolic, recurve , Ball, cone, arc, etc. It solves the special-shaped structure that cannot be realized by traditional materials; 3. Light weight and zero loss: The weight per square meter is about 10KG, which is 1/6 of the traditional clay tile and other products. It can greatly reduce the load of the building structure, and it is also convenient for transportation and installation. 4. Simple and fast construction: The roof tile installation process has changed the traditional keel construction process. It is directly laid directly after leveling the structural layer with cement mortar, which effectively reduces the construction time.
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