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Common accessories for colored stone metal tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-30
We have learned about the correct installation method of colored stone metal tiles. We know that during the installation process, some commonly used accessories will be used, so what are the commonly used accessories? And what are the advantages and performance of each accessory? The following editor will explain the common accessories of color stone metal tiles for everyone! 1. Flooding plate of color stone metal tile accessories. Color stone metal tile accessories-flooding plate. Flooding plate refers to a kind of waterproof technology in construction. In layman's terms, it is actually on the wall and roof, that is, in all needs The waterproof treatment at the intersection of the water-proof flat façades, to put it bluntly, is to wrap the corners with waterproof materials. This accessory is resistant to ultraviolet radiation and can also reduce the noise caused by rainwater to the metal tile. Popular explanation: flooding refers to the waterproofing practices of roof parapets, overhangs, or high and low roof walls. Its main function is to ensure that the parapets, overhangs, and high and low roof walls are not washed by rain, and to protect the rest of the roof from waterproofing. Layer (not to enter the water). 2. Eaves of color stone metal tile accessories. Color stone metal tile accessories-cornice eaves, also known as hanging eaves, refer to the plate-shaped members attached to the eaves or floor flat seats, and are used to seal the beams, The front part of the rafter or lookout board to make it look flat and beautiful in appearance. 3. Color stone metal tile accessories-gable board gable board is made of aluminum-zinc steel plate as the base material, colored sand and acrylic resin. This accessory has more than ten colors, can resist ultraviolet radiation, and can reduce the damage and noise caused by rain to the metal tile, so that the color of the roofing tiles looks rich and solemn, and the decoration is better. 4. Color stone metal tile accessories-ridge tiles For ridge tiles, in layman's terms, the tiles on the ridge are ridge tiles. In terms of adaptability, it can be understood that the same part can drain to both sides. The ridge tile can make the color metal tile rich and solemn, and the decoration becomes better, which is also not available in the general color metal tile. 5. Color stone metal tile accessories-gutter gutter is also made of galvalume steel as the base material, acrylic resin and colored sand. This accessory has more than ten colors, with colored sand and acrylic resin as the surface protective layer, which can effectively prevent the roof rainwater from leaking, and can effectively extend the life of the sand color. After all the above accessories are used in conjunction with metal tiles, they will have the advantages of tight lap, impervious to wind and rain, beautiful appearance and strong integrity. Tag: colored stone metal tile, (771)
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