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Color stone metal tile selection method

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-16
The color stone metal tile is produced by high-tech. It belongs to the middle and high-end roofing products. It uses the aluminum-zinc plated steel plate with excellent anti-corrosion performance as the substrate, the weather-resistant acrylic resin as the adhesive, and the color high-temperature sintered gravel as the surface layer. New advanced roofing material. The appearance and shape are highly sought after by the masses; the decorative products have a variety of colors, with seven basic tile types, sixteen commonly used colors, and the color/shape matching is random, highlighting the individuality; the advantages of environmental protection and energy saving are obvious, replacing the previous glazed tile/ Terracotta tiles can reduce pollutant emissions and save energy; convenient installation is also a major advantage of him. One piece is about 0.5 square meters, saving construction time and labor costs; it is convenient for long-distance transportation, metal base, and the surface is firmly bonded , It is not easy to damage the tiles, saving dealers/agents inventory risk; the service life is super long, the life span is about 50-70 years; the anti-strong shock effect is obvious, in the event of an accident, the weight of the tiles is light, and it will not fall down individually. If there is a problem with the roof, only the entire roof will fall. It is an ideal substitute for future roofing systems. The advantages of colored stone metal tiles are obvious, but most people do not have much basis for judging colored stone metal tiles. Here are some simple tips for selecting tiles: 1. See if the surface of the tiles is uneven Phenomenon; mainly depends on the quality of colored sand and whether the workmanship of the factory is fine. For example, through the primer, through the steel plate, whether the colored sand is evenly laid, whether the colored sand particles are uniform, etc. 2. Whether it fades or not, 1. Washing method, put the colored sand in a container, pour water, and see if the water becomes turbid. 2. Steaming method, put the sand in a pot and heat it to see if the water is turbid. The turbid ones are definitely unqualified, and of course they won’t drip into the entire container like ink and change color. 3. Whether there are bumps on the surface/the surface glue is too thick or the surface is whitish. The bumps are usually uneven primer or air bubbles. The whitish surface indicates that the face glue is scratched, which will affect the appearance and quality. 4. For the firmness of colored sand bonding, use a utility knife to shovel a small piece on a certain part of the tile, and push it up along the pattern of the tile to see if the surface can be lifted up. It can be lifted up, indicating that the quality of the tiles is poor. If only small pieces can fall off, it is normal, indicating that the glue has a good adhesion. 5. The thickness of the galvanized steel sheet. In order to save costs and expand their own profits, some manufacturers use thin steel sheets without permission. The utility knife cuts the edge first and uses precise instruments to measure it. There may be errors, and it is difficult to detect unprofessional ones. Generally, the standard thickness is 0.4mm. Tag: colored stone coated steel roof tile, (890)
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