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Color stone metal tile requirements for climate

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-17
We have learned about the ten elements of the installation of colored stone metal tiles. It can be seen that the most important aspects of the installation of colored stone metal tiles are: roof flatness, water strip treatment and installation of hanging tiles. In addition to the corresponding requirements for installation, metal tiles also have certain requirements for climate, which are different in each region. Let's understand together below! Each material has its own characteristics, and there are very few that can be used universally. However, my country has a vast territory, different natural conditions in various regions, and different climate types in different regions. For the application of roofing engineering, take the color stone metal tile, it needs to take into account the different climate characteristics of the north and south regions to determine Corresponding technical indicators of metal tiles. Cold resistance, heat resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, and color durability are all analyzed in detail based on actual needs. The climate requirements of color stone metal tiles are as follows: 1. Northern areas: low temperature, thick snow, long freezing time A. Because the temperature is low in winter and the snow is thick, the requirements for tiles are high in strength and with good endurance. In the process of selecting materials, all technical parameters of the raw materials must meet the standards and the strength must be sufficient! B. The temperature difference between day and night varies greatly, and the color stone coated steel roof tile has better freeze-thaw cycle resistance. The quality requirements of the base material are high, and the performance requirements for the polymer resin are also very high, and the formula needs to be adjusted accordingly; not only the purity of the raw materials and the advanced production equipment are required, but also the operation time control is very high. , Instead of simple physical stirring. C. The wind pressure resistance must be strong and not easy to be blown off by the wind to avoid potential safety hazards! We use 304 stainless steel threaded structural fasteners to ensure the design life of the main material. 2. Southern region: high temperature, sufficient rain, high humidity, strong ultraviolet A, and high temperature will take into account the effect of roof insulation; the roof engineering design structure has good insulation effect and good air convection. B. The humidity is high, and there is more rain, so there should be no noise when it rains; the outer surface of the sand surface particles can buffer the impact of rain and reduce noise. In addition, there is a matt effect. C. Strong ultraviolet radiation, long time, not easy to fade; the stability of the inorganic metal oxide of colored sand is very good, and the five-level pigment chemical treatment is used to make the color of the colored stone coated steel roof tile not easy to fade. Related reading: Laying requirements for colored stone metal tiles Tags: colored stone metal tiles, standards for colored stone metal tiles, (597)
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