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Color stone metal tile installation and characteristics

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-01
The color stone metal tile is made of galvanized steel sheet with very high corrosion resistance as the base material, with water-based acrylic resin as the binder, and natural stone gravel or natural color stone particles dyed with inorganic pigments as the surface layer. The processed metal texture roofing material is a new generation of environmentally friendly high-tech products. Color stone metal tiles have a wide range of applications and are more suitable for curved roof construction with large slopes than traditional tiles. Let's talk about the installation method and characteristics of the color stone metal tile. The installation method of the colored stone metal tile: Lay the line on the base of the roof, the spacing is less than 60 cm as one line, and the eave line and the elevation line should be placed well. Hang out the roof ridge control line to control the water flow of the roof ridge. The water down strip is made of wood, and the surface should be painted with anti-corrosion paint. According to the positioning of the line, use expansion bolts to fix the water down strip on the base layer of the roof. If the length of the slope of the roof is an integral multiple of the width of the colored stone metal tile, before installing the hanging tile, measure the distance of 365 mm from the oblique direction of the top surface of the horizontal roof ridge, and use nails to locate and pull the line on both sides in the horizontal direction. , And then use a measuring ruler to measure the length of the remaining roof slope, and then locate it at a distance of 370 mm. If the length of the slope of the roof is not an integral multiple of the width of the colored stone metal tiles, cut and bend the top row of colored stone metal tiles. The distance between the decorative board of the eaves and the second hanging tile is 345 mm. Measure the length of the remaining roof, and then locate the cable at a distance of 370 mm, and fix it with steel nails at the overlap of the keel. The roofing tiles should be laid from top to bottom in rows. When laying the second row, lift up the back of the previous row of tiles, insert the next row of tiles into the overlap, and buckle the grooves. Pay attention to the exact position and close fit. Carry out row by row laying in this way until the last row of tiles has been laid. Pay attention to the overall flatness during laying. At the gutter of the roof, lay the tiles for fixing the gutter first, and then lay the tiles, and use steel nails to firmly fix the roof gutter slab and gutter hanging tiles. The characteristics of colored stone metal tiles: colored stone metal tiles are suitable for sloping roofs of various structures such as wooden structures, steel structures, and concrete structures, with a wide range of applications. The color stone metal tile has the texture of natural stone, and it has a variety of colors and tile types to choose from. It has a good decorative effect on the building, and the material is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The base material of the color stone metal tile is made of high-strength, high corrosion-resistant galvanized steel plate, and the surface material is very resistant to weathering, so the service life of the color stone metal tile can reach more than 50 years. The color stone metal tiles are light in texture, which can reduce the load-bearing capacity of the building roof and reduce the cost of the project. The color stone metal tile is easy to install and construct, and it can also be constructed under low temperature conditions. Colored stone metal tiles have the natural decorative effect of traditional clay tiles, and are light-weight, strong and durable. The installation method of color stone metal tiles is simple, so it is currently a wide range of advanced roofing materials. Tag: color stone metal tile installation, color stone metal tile construction, (881)
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