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Causes of brittle color stone metal tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-18
Nowadays, villas use this kind of colored stone metal tiles, and ordinary houses may still be built with flat roofs; and houses with colored stone metal tiles have become an increasingly luxurious type of house under the development of modern society. Therefore, people are paying more and more attention to the purchase of colored stone metal tiles, and when purchasing, they will also know in advance whether the tiles will be brittle. So what are the reasons for the brittleness of colored stone metal tiles? Let’s get to know it together! For the practical performance of metal tiles, it has good durability and a long service life. Especially when it is used on the roof, the requirements for durability are also very high; coupled with the increasing demand for environmental protection in modern times, metal tiles are also an environmentally friendly product. So it is very impressive in terms of practicality. Colored metal tiles can withstand severe cold and heat, and can resist hail attacks. But this is entirely due to the superior performance of the metal tile, because it can exert a good effect on weather resistance and moisture resistance, so it can resist the heat and cold. It also has a good effect on impact resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance; therefore, it also performs well in resisting rain, snow, and hail. Metal tiles require high technology to be produced, not how they want to be produced, and there is no such tile before. And it uses a very new type of high-grade roofing material, in addition to durable and environmentally friendly use performance, there are also very beautiful, lightweight and other advantages. The reasons for the brittleness of colored stone metal tiles are as follows: 1. As a steel structure accessory, metal tiles are strictly forbidden to be trampled on. The tiles are transported and hoisted on the roof according to the correct operation method and normal bending and deformation. Will not cause damage to the metal tiles. 2. In addition to the selection of high-quality anti-UV film and high-quality resin, the curing degree of a good metal tile is also the most important one. After testing, the curing degree of high-quality metal tiles is more than 95%; the internal molecular structure is approximately uniform network structure, which is very stable, and it is difficult for external ultraviolet rays, water vapor, acid and alkali substances to have a large impact on it . Because the degree of solidification of the metal tile increases, the hardness and mechanical strength (tensile strength, bending strength, etc.) of the metal tile will also be very high, and at the same time it will be relatively brittle. 3. As a building material, the colored stone coated steel roof tile must first have a certain degree of rigidity and bending strength to ensure that the deformation is small when subjected to external forces. In this way, the failure of sealant and waterproof treatment due to external force can be avoided, and water leakage can be effectively prevented. 4. In order to increase its own toughness, many domestic metal tiles add a plasticizer (also called softener) to the metal tiles. Tag: color stone coated steel roof tile, (613)
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