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Analysis of Causes of Color Stone Metal Tiles Being Blowed Down by Wind

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-13
When it comes to metal tiles, the most impressive thing is the color stone metal tile. This tile is a kind of roofing building material used to decorate the roof. It can be seen everywhere in our daily life, especially in construction sites and factory roofs. . Most of the colored stone metal tiles are easy to be brittle and easy to fade, and then rust and corrode. In addition, some metal tiles are easily blown off by the wind. As for the reasons why the colored stone metal tiles are brittle, the editor has introduced them in detail, so what are the reasons why the colored stone metal tiles are blown off by the wind? Let me analyze it in detail below! The reasons why the colored stone metal tiles are blown off by the wind are analyzed as follows: 1. The impact of the construction season on the firmness of the metal tiles. For the fixing method of the colored stone metal tiles, so far, the main method of fixing the colored stone metal tiles is two-way fixing with nail glue. In particular, single-layer metal tiles have the characteristics of thin thickness, light weight, and weak tear resistance. When the self-adhesive glue on the metal tiles has almost no effect, they are all fixed by nails. Sometimes, exposed parts will inevitably appear, which will cause the tiles to fall off. 2. The impact of sand and dust winds in March and April on metal tiles. If the self-adhesive glue on the surface of the colored stone metal tiles has not produced any effect, if the dust is blown into the tiles for the first time, apply the self-adhesive glue. After being dirty, its adhesiveness will be greatly reduced, and after being blown frequently by the wind many times, it will gradually cause the tiles to fall after being broken by the wind. In the south, when installing metal tiles, it is most afraid of the northwest wind in winter. If the self-adhesive adhesive does not work after installation, it will easily cause the tiles to blow and fall. 3. The quality of the nail-holding layer is not up to the standard. It was found through on-site inspection that there are cement mortars with low grades, and the thickness of the nail-holding layers on the insulation board is seriously insufficient, improperly poured, large-scale cracks, and edge openings. Nail nails It is not strong. If a person walks on the tile, the nails will loosen. After a strong wind, the nails will be rolled up or dropped together. After reading the above content, we can know from it: When choosing a colored stone metal tile, you must choose a product of qualified quality. If the sample of the metal tile has a high fault density, heavy quality, and the surface workmanship has a normal luster, it means that this is high quality. Metal tiles. In addition, during the construction process, we must follow the correct construction process and standards to prevent the metal tiles from being blown off by the wind and causing personal threats. Tag: color stone coated steel roof tile, (778)
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