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Advantages of wood tile

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-12
Although wood grain tiles are similar to colored stone metal tiles, the former has its own unique advantages. Its simplicity and safety make it a good roofing product. Today, we will talk about the advantages and characteristics of wood-grain tiles, and hope this article will help everyone. The application of wood-grained tiles is showing up in the construction industry, and it is sought after by people. This is closely related to its own advantages and characteristics. The five advantages are as follows: 1. The material used for beautiful-looking wood-grain tiles is: machine pressure Shaped steel, the tile shape is strong, and the three-dimensional effect is superior. After paved, it can make the roof of the building have a sense of circulation, a sense of unevenness and an orderly layering, and a sense of heaviness of natural stone, which can perfectly show the difference between Western and Eastern buildings Building aesthetics, thereby improving the quality and level of the building. 2. Economical and cost-effective Wood grain tiles are light in weight and easy to handle. Dry work can also be used in low temperature periods and the auxiliary material consumption can be minimized, saving transfer costs and reducing material consumption, thereby increasing construction power , Reduce the project cost. 3. Environmental protection and energy saving. Because the wood grain tiles are light in weight and have low requirements on the structural forces of the roof and walls, it can greatly save costs on the walls and roofs. 4. Simple construction. Its thickness and weight are only equivalent to about 1/6 of ordinary cement tiles and ceramic tiles. It is very simple and easy to bend. There are more matching node accessories, which makes the construction more concise, convenient and simple. It can also be easily constructed on buildings and buildings with steep slopes. 5. Sturdy and safe wood-grain tiles are light in weight, large in area, simple in accessories, and easy to install the tile design, so that the colored stone metal tiles can be laid smoothly on the wooden keel and light steel keel, shortening the construction time and reducing the cost. Tag: wood grain tile, (566)
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