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About the specific use and production specifications of the color stone metal tile

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-19
It should be understood that the colored stone metal tile does not have much restriction on the building, and it is a roof tile that can be applied to different types of buildings. Today, the editor will introduce to you the specific use and production specifications of the color stone metal tile! The specific use of colored stone metal tiles 1. High-rise residential quarters and flat-sloping roofs. In fact, the rise of colored stone metal tiles started from flat-sloping roofs. At the end of the 20th century, colored stone metal tiles have been widely used in coastal areas. Therefore, many residential communities are now also using colored stone metal tiles. There are many types of this kind of tiles, there is room for choice, and the price is low, which can save money for consumers. In addition, colored stone metal tiles are particularly suitable for high-rise buildings, which can resist severe weather such as strong winds and heavy snow. 2. Villas and houses. Wooden houses. Generally speaking, when you mention colored stone and metal tiles, you will think of villas and houses. Because this kind of buildings are generally European style, and the roofs are mostly irregular shapes, traditional tiles are not suitable for construction; and Color stone metal tiles can be used to show three-dimensional effects with flat tiles, and the tile types are diverse and rich in colors, which can complement the surrounding environment. 3. The buildings of resorts, resort hotels, resorts and resort hotels are generally not too high, and they are all within the scope of application of colored stone metal tiles. You know, hotels and resorts are hotels that integrate accommodation, food, and entertainment. Most of them are mid-to-high-end hotels. Therefore, there are very high requirements for the design and material selection of building walls and roofs. The colored stone metal tile can give people different visual enjoyment, and has the performance of dustproof and self-cleaning, which can keep the roof fresh and beautiful and keep the building beautiful. 4. The color stone metal tiles of commercial squares and urban complexes have excellent craftsmanship and beauty. They have replaced the traditional tiles of the past and are new types of color tiles in the 21st century. It enlarges the customer's choice space, and can withstand the test, has a high practicability, and is very suitable for use in commercial squares, urban complexes and other places. The production specifications of the colored stone metal tile 1. The colored stone metal tile is molded into various tile types with aluminized zinc steel plate as the base material, and the water-based acrylic resin is used as the adhesive, and the colored sand is bonded as the surface. It is formed after the second drying. 2. The international general specifications of the color stone coated steel roof tile: length 1340mm, width 420mm, weight 2.65-2.75kg/piece, the coverage area of u200bu200btwo pieces is about one square. In addition, the tile types of colored stone metal tiles mainly include seven-wave type, Roman type, square type, Northen type, and wood grain type. Tag: colored stone coated steel roof tile, colored stone metal tile construction, (684)
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