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About the advantages and purchase of color stone metal tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-10
Colored stone metal tiles have strong medium circulation and meet the basic needs of the country for new industrial construction; compared with traditional roofing tiles, they get rid of the shortcomings of traditional tiles in terms of life and fragility.  Inventory of the advantages of colored stone metal tiles 1. Convenience of construction: The colored stone metal tiles have light weight, large area and simple accessories, which can greatly reduce the construction intensity and shorten the construction time. 2. Environmental protection: The colored stone metal tiles can be reused, which can effectively reduce waste disposal costs. 3. Wind resistance: It is very safe to use colored stone metal tiles in typhoon, hail and strong wind areas. 4. Fire resistance: In case of fire, it will not spread the fire and is safe to use. 5. Lightweight: Its light weight can effectively reduce the weight of the building. 6. Economical: When the colored stone metal tile is used for the roof construction of the old building, no roofing materials need to be removed, and it can be directly constructed, minimizing the waste disposal cost. 7. Anti-falling snow: The colored stone metal tile is concave and convex, and the surface is attached with a layer of natural stone. When it snows in winter, the snow will not become slippery. 8. Heat insulation: The color stone metal tile is composed of base steel plate and natural stone particles, so it can restrain the rapid rise of temperature in summer. 9. Durability: The color stone metal tile is composed of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel sheet and natural color stone particles, which can ensure its long-term service life. 10. Noise reduction: The natural color stone layer on the surface of the color stone metal tile can well absorb the sound of rain and reduce noise. How to choose the color stone metal tile correctly 1. The material selection depends on the substrate. The real galvanized steel sheet will not deform easily. 2. Look at the color of colored sand. In order to reduce costs, unconscious factories use dyed sand instead of sintered sand, and the color of dyed sand will change in about half a year for this kind of tiles, so please make sure to increase the degree of recognition when choosing. 3. The adhesive cannot be ignored. According to the different geographical areas of application of colored stone metal tiles, high-temperature and low-temperature resistant primers and surface adhesives will be distinguished. How to prolong the service life of colored stone metal tiles 1. Check every year whether there are obvious lifted or damaged tiles on the roof, and replace the missing or damaged tiles in time. 2. Beware of ice lumps in winter, ice lumps are formed along the eaves. In addition, it is necessary to keep the attic well ventilated, the poor ventilation of the attic will cause damage to the roof structure. 3. Regularly check the bottom of the roof for signs of leakage or damage, especially around the ventilation pipes and chimneys. Tag: color stone metal tile, (690)
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